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Guitar, Composition, Arranging Lessons

For my understanding, the teacher is a person who had made his first steps on the path of music formerly, therefore he is supporting his pupil in crafting her or his own path with his knowledge and experience.  

I am pleased to teach anyone above the age of 7, from making the first steps to preparation for the professional musicianship.

I have been creating music for more than twenty years as a jazz guitarist, composer and arranger, and besides my academic qualifications in these disciplines, my uncessant self-education has hugely broadened my perspective. 

My method can be summarized this way:

"Learning the guitar through impovization"

This means that you are becoming competent for any style you want to play, because you learn the technical and theoretical knowledge by playing enjoyable music.

I am gladly teaching students in composition and arranging as well.

My music is built of elements from jazz, classical and popular music.

I encourage my students, besides the knowledge of the tradition and craftmanship, to creative experimentation which crosses the boundaries of genres.

Lessons in person are available in Budapest, and I offer online lessons as well for advanced students.

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